Advertising solutions for vendors

Help meet your business goals while controlling your spend

Promote your brand and products to millions of Amazon customers

As a vendor on Amazon, you want to reach shoppers, make sales, and continually grow your audience. Advertising with our self-service solutions helps you drive performance at scale—and you can do it with
as little as CAD $10 a day.

Simple, flexible solutions

We offer a variety of sponsored ad solutions for vendors:

Examples of Sponsored Products ads on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products promote individual product listings and are targeted to customer search terms or to products. They’re easy to create and appear within search results and on product detail pages.

Examples of Sponsored Brands ads on desktop and mobile

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands feature products of your choice along with your logo and custom headline. They appear prominently in search results and drive traffic to a custom landing page or Store.

Examples of Product Display Ads on desktop and mobile


Promote your brand and products with your own multi-page Store on Amazon for free.

Four essential facts


You decide your level of investment. Set a daily budget that meets your needs. We generally recommend starting with at least CAD $10 to ensure you have enough budget to get impressions, clicks, and sales.


You can change your budget at any time. Increase or decrease your daily budget in seconds—even when your campaigns are running—to meet your evolving needs.


You can see the impact on your sales. A sale is attributed to a campaign when a shopper that clicks an ad purchases your brand’s products on Amazon within 14 days. Our reporting lets you chart your ad-attributed sales.


You can control your message. Our solutions let your reinforce your brand’s value proposition, helping you tell an authentic and engaging story to Amazon shoppers.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I’m a vendor?

Vendors sell their items directly to Amazon, who then sells them to customers. If you manage your products in Vendor Central, you’re a vendor.

How does advertising differ from my other marketing costs?

Self-service ads can help you scale sales and growth on Amazon. You control how much you invest, giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for your business. You can also change your daily budget at any time.

Beyond budget, you can update other campaign elements whenever you like, too. Add or remove keywords, pause campaigns or change their duration, and adjust your keyword match types to broaden or refine your reach.

What payment options are available to me with advertising?

We have two payment options available, and you can switch your method at any time.

1. Credit card: You can use either a personal or corporate credit card.
2. Deduct from Payment (DFP): DFP is an automated payment method that allows you to pay for your advertising costs with your Amazon retail proceeds. There’s no manual effort involved, and you won’t need to have a separate budget for advertising. Note: DFP is not available to third parties who manage payments for their clients’ advertising accounts, or to accounts that haven’t experienced retail activity in the last 6 months.

How to get started


Register using your Vendor Central account.


Choose an ad type and products to advertise.


Decide how much you’ll bid for clicks and choose your budget.


Launch your campaign.